The elite don’t have a monopoly on the environment. Nor do they have a monopoly on our responsibility to take care of it. We all have to do our part. That’s why Hyundai is taking strides toward making environmental efficiency more affordable. Hyundai has introduced hybrid motorcycles, solar, electric and other high-efficiency, low-emission models that cost far less than you’d expect. Our goal is to provide the best price-to-MPG ratios of any company out there. After all, we can’t all afford the ultra-expensive eco-machines, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to drive a little greener.


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Hyundai’s selection of motorcycles have become one of the most popular motorcycles available. Not only are they Eco-Friendly, they are economically friendly as well. Thousands of people have already begun to switch over to Hyundai’s motorcycles and as part of its program Hyundai is offering its loyal customers the opportunity to sign up for its “10 year exchange program” where customers can return their motorcycles after 10 years and receive 33% towards the purchase of another motorcycle. Customers across the U.S. saying that “Hyundai’s offers are like none other.”

The Harley Davidson Company will be folding over to  Hyundai Motorcycles.  The company which has been operating for over a century has become bankrupt because of the recent recession. Hyundai Motorcycles executives have decided to  transform some of the Harley Davidson’s  into electric, hybrid or solar. Harley Davidson executives although, disappointed at their loss are excited that Hyundai is taking over since many are going to continue operating in the same factories and dealerships in an effort to save jobs.

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