Recent winner of Hyundai’s Batmobile Contest

Maricruz Retana, Harvard graduate school of International and Public Affairs entered in the Hyundai’s challenge to win a free Batmobile after being the 1000th person  to donate to the “Hyundai’s Marathon/Concert fundraiser.”

She recently made a statement about Hyundai’s Batmobile:

” Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn -VAMPIRES. What about them? What makes them unique? Besides the fact that they are beyond strong, intelligent, able to see the future and immortal, why does everyone want to be one or at least date one? Because there amazingly fast….speed is what it’s all about! Well so now think about it, Vampires are obviously fictional (sorry Twilight fans) and are practically figures of our imaginations but yet we want to be as fast as they are, so how do we do this? By buying the NEW Batmobile Motorcycle released by Hyundai…duh!

The new bike is not only just attractive to the eye or environmentally conscious to please President Obama and his cabinet but as well it is the fastest bike on the market right now, so Harley Davidson watchout! The bike’s top speed is 185 mph and is both faster than the current number one holder, BMW’s R 1200S, but is both street legal, so not only can you continue to be a speed demon but as well have an attractive bike that’s environmentally friendly ….I don’t know about you but that’s what a quadruple threat whereas every other bike is just a triple threat. No where close to Hyundai….its ok we’ll wait for them to catch up, if they ever get there!”

Begins at 10 seconds also available on you tube under “Mari”

  1. #1 by ManagingEd. on December 25, 2010 - 12:10 am

    Congrats to that Harvard student! I know I applied to the contest for that awesome Batmobile!

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