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Hyundai’s Batmobile


This solar-powered bike isn’t bullet proof but its Batmobile-like design   is certainly superhero worthy. It is a moped that has a movable shell casing — inspired by the armadillidiidae, or pillbug — that is completely covered with solar panels. Grab your bike, jet through the city, then close the solar covering and the entire surface of the bike absorbs the sun and powers itself while your away.

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All those hours your motorcycle is left parked under the baking sun, it could be powering up. That’s the idea behind the Batmobile, solar-powered motorcycle, a prototype design that debuted at  New York’s International Auto Show in June and took home the prize for best innovative technology. The bike’s 3.1 square meters of armadillo-looking solar panels soak up the sun’s rays while it’s parked, then retract to reveal the driver’s seat when it’s time to go. The solar cells alone would allow it to reach speeds of up to 30 mph and a tavel up to 50 miles.The bike was designed by Barcelona-based design firm Guimeràicinca as a concept car of the future. With the current number of charging stations in short supply, you can let your vehicle charge itself with the sun.The curved body of the bike is retractable; when you hop off at your destination it fans open and the full array of solar panels are revealed. When you are ready to hop back on they fan closed and reveal your seat. The design of the panels allows it to look great while fanned open and closed. Read more: Solar-Powered Batmobile Concept Moped Is a Charging Machine | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

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Senate passes Cash for Motorcycle Clunkers


People across the country are trading in their old motorcycles at Hyundai

White House


The Senate voted Monday night to extend the “Cash for Clunkers” program with an infusion of $10 million.White House aides said earlier that President Obama will quickly sign the bill into law to prevent any interruption to the popular incentive.

The Senate voted 60-37 to approve the measure already passed by the House.

“[President Obama’s] going to want to make sure the funds are in place by this weekend,” one senior White House official noted, because of the particularly brisk  business the program has sparked.

President Obama is reintroducing the clash for clunkers programs and this time its for motorcycles. The way the program works is similar to the car program that was in place last year. Hyundai is the leading company that is trading in your old motorcycle and giving you credit for an eco-friendlier motorcycle. You can choose from over 10 models which include the batmobile, the solar energy powered bike, the electric powered bike or the hybrid bike. Hyundai is giving up to $4,500 credit towards the purchase of a new bike. Financing options are available just visit your local dealership to find out more information.

The program under Obama’s economic stimulus package pays people up to $4,500 for trading an older-model motorcycles with low fuel efficiency for new motorcycles that get better miles per gallon.

” ‘Cash for Clunkers’ has been a proven success. The initial transactions are generating a more than 50 percent increase in fuel economy; they are generating $700 to $1,000 in annual savings for consumers in reduced gas costs alone; and they are getting the oldest, dirtiest and most air polluting motorcycles off the road for good,” Obama said in a statement Monday night.

“I want to thank Leader Reid and the members of the Senate who moved quickly to extend a program that benefits our recovery and our auto industry while reducing our economy’s dependence on oil,” he said

The program is intended to run until the Fall 2011.                                                                            

The House voted to add $2 million to the program. With the Senate vote, the additional money will become available right away.

Several top Republicans, including Sen. John McCain of Arizona, raised concerns about pouring more money into the program at a time when the government is deep in debt.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and other top Democrats had been lining up votes for the expansion by making the case that the program is providing a boost to the economy by increasing weak  sales, while also helping the environment by getting “clunkers” off the road in favor of more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Democratic officials said several hurdles were cleared in order to allow the Senate to pass the bill with new money on Monday night.

On Monday, two key senators who opposed more money for the program announced they had changed their minds and now supported the extension.

The announcement by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, boosted Democratic efforts to secure enough votes to pass the measure this week.

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Hyundai Rolls Out Electric-Powered Motorcycles

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Hyundai is proud to release  new electric- powered motorcycles  part of the  Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) that provide convenient local transportation. Its generally designed for one to two people and small cargo capacity. The  electric-powered motorcycle is affordable. For most of us, the majority of our trips are less than 20 miles – within the range of most electric bikes. Clean, quiet, and efficient the SE-2 offers the advantages of an extra car without the burdens.

The motorcycles are stylish and are customizable. Most motorcycles take about an hour to charge and can be charged anywhere as the charger is built in.

The electric powered motorcycles are extremely popular in Europe, as the European Union (EU) has announced a demand for carbon emissions to be curved. Hyundai has become the leading company involved in the Kyoto Protocol which urges nations to move towards the Green movement.

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